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UGREEN LP256 csomagtartó rendszerező 55L

14.090 Ft
Nem értékelt
Gyártó: UGREEN
Cikkszám: INP_19753-0
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2022. július 14.
Elérhetőség: 1000 db raktáron
Szerezhető hűségpontok: 141

  Multifunctional Car Organizer UGREEN LP256 This multifunctional organizer makes it easy to carry and store various items. With its use, you can easily take care of perfect order in the trunk of your car. If necessary, the bag can also be removed and used outdoors, for example during a picnic. Large capacity of 55l means you can easily fit everything you need for a trip, such as food, clothes for a change, blanket or first aid kit.       Clever design The UGREEN LP256 organizer features a foldable design that makes it easy to assemble. Removable cover protects items stored inside and ensures full stability. Additional convenience is provided by large Velcro fasteners at the bottom of the product. This allows you to easily and securely attach the organizer to the carpet in your trunk to avoid scattering your belongings when you turn or brake.       Configurable interior The organizer is designed to allow you to easily and conveniently organize its interior. Special mobile partition allows you to divide it into 2 compartments, and additional pockets placed on the outside are perfect for storing smaller items. With the help of this practical bag you can easily keep order in the trunk of your car.       Excellent quality and durability The bag was created from high quality materials. In the production process it was equipped with high quality Oxford Fabric 1680D, thanks to which the organizer is durable, waterproof and dustproof. In turn, on the inside the product is lined with soft cotton foam. All this means that the UGREEN LP256 bag can serve you for many years.       Capacity and compactness Despite its large capacity, which is 55l, the organizer is exceptionally light - it weighs only about 3 kg. It is also characterized by relatively compact dimensions. You can easily fit all necessary items without worrying that it will take up too much space in your trunk. And that's not all! Special handles made of durable aluminum alloy allow you to carry the bag safely and comfortably.     Product parameters Brand UGREEN Name Car Trunk Organizer Model LP256 Capacity 55l Material Ofxord + aluminium alloy  


Következő szállítás: 25.02.2022
Mennyiség dobozonként: 3 szt.


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